RV dreams can come true, why it is so important to start tiny

We went to several RV shows with our kids. We struggled while looking at the drivable RVs that were almost the price of our home. 

As I started looking at RVs, I began to learn to understand the different types of RVs available. If you are like me, you may have thought the word RV was only for a drivable motorhome called a Class A or Class C. I began to realize that the word RV could be used for either a drivable motorhome or a travel trailer that includes the living space for a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping.

I talked with a friend who was buying a tiny travel trailer with a bunk bed for her family of four. She bought a used 20 foot R-pod 176 by Forest River with a bunk bed and a queen bed that turns into a dinette. We realized that it would be wise to start small with our dream as well. Brand new the R-pod travel trailer was at least $20,000. I searched Craiglist for a used R-pod. I stayed up many nights dreaming about how I could put our third son on a hammock inside. I realized that the hammock idea wasn’t realistic.

Neighbors from our weekend land told us about a dealership called Fun Town RV.  There we found a travel trailer under $15,000 that had a bunk bed, queen bed, and a dining table that would turn into a bed for our youngest. We bought a 21 foot 5 inch Forest River Wolf Pup 16 BHS travel trailer. We were so excited!

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Meet the Wolf Pup Travel Trailer

It had the essentials. It had enough beds for everyone, a shower, a toilet, a mini-fridge, and a microwave. The open floorplan in the middle, without slide-outs coming in, made it easy to access the bathroom if you stopped while traveling. 

The kitchen had two burners on the stovetop, but no oven. We planned to use a small toaster oven instead. It also had a shower separate from the toilet, while the R-pod only had a showerhead over the toilet. Having an actual shower was important to me.

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Shower separate from bathtub

It worked great for several trips to our weekend land and a cross country trip to Florida. It encouraged us to be outside exploring nature which we loved. The 21 foot 5 inch travel trailer was a great space to embrace minimalism and togetherness. After each trip, I was thankful that the Wolf Pup trailer was small enough to clean and wash the bedding the same day.  

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Catching crabs at sunset walking from RV

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