Big land dreams and purchase: adventures in nature

Six years ago we lived in a neighborhood with decent schools, but with a small backyard.  Our backyard was barely big enough for a trampoline for our three boys then ages 2, 5, and 8.

Our backyard 6 years ago

The trampoline was great for several years for getting their energy out. When one of our boys started climbing the fence in the backyard for something new to do, we realized it was time to find a place for the boys to explore. Our house had an alley and inclined driveway, which was not a safe place for our boys to play.

As we dreamed of finding a place for our boys, we heard about some land for sale. We decided to buy almost six acres of land within 2.5 hours of where we lived as a weekend and future retirement property. 

Weekend land

The weekend land was within our budget rather than buying a new house. It gave our boys a chance to run and create their own adventures. The land had no running water or septic system. But the land did have wild turkeys and deer that passed through which made us smile in amazement. We enjoyed walking through the land, brought a swing and hammock to hang in the trees, found Texas wildflowers for a 4th grade project, and made s’mores by the campfire.

Mommy deer and Bambi on our land

Within the first year of owning our land, we needed the cedar trees cut down on the rise of the land where we hoped to build a house someday.

House Site, top of the hill

After the cedar trees were cleared, we started to get prices for a septic tank system and a water well. When the reality sank in of estimates for septic $10,000 and water well $20,000 in addition to a house, we decided to wait to build a house and started dreaming of owning an RV.

Following your dream can lead to new adventures.

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